Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For the past few days Gabe has been so cranky and whiny and really draining me of energy!! Everytime he goes down for his nap I've been picking up a bit and then crashing with him again because I'm so tired! This morning he woke up with a slight fever... gave him tylenol and it went down, but all day he has been warm (tylenol has been our friend!) He keeps grabbing on the back of his head... don't know if maybe he has a headache or what, but the tylenol doesn't seem to be helping that aspect.

He went down with no problem tonight - and with hardly anything in his tummy... I don't like to eat much when I feel bad either, so I didn't force anything, just made him eat a jar of carrots! I'll keep you updated on how he is tomorrow.

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