Thursday, October 29, 2009

True Colors!!!

Last night I was able to catch Gabe's true colors just for all of you! I know that you dear, sweet grandparents don't think that your adorable little grandson has a temper, but I caught it!!
Let me set it up for you: We have a laundry room off the kitchen and then inside there to the right is another little room where we keep Mac's cage and vacuums ect. We have to keep the door closed to both because I also keep recycling in there and that is TRIPLE stuff that Gabe LOVES to get into! Last night, I fed Mac and left the door open so he could come and go as he pleases... I notice that Mac keeps running into the living room and whining and Gabe is no where to be found... he's silent and you all know what that means - he was into something! I knew it wasn't kitchen cabinets because he loves the pans and I knew he wasn't upstairs since it was blocked off (and Mac should have been a hint! lol!) I'm calling for him and follow Mac to his cage and I find this-now usually when he goes in there he goes all the way and gets IN Mac's cage, but this time he settles for harassing Mac with playing with his food!
When I took him out of there for the 3rd time, finally closed the door so he couldn't get back in.... I get this!He hasn't really ever done this when I've gotten on to him and MADE him do what I say... all I could do was laugh! (that's horrible, right?!... I really have turned into my mother!!)

Later on, after all the screaming ended and Mac ate his food in peace, we get the other sweet side of Gabe. I love his laugh and I couldn't resist taping it... sorry if it is a little "everywhere" but I was laughing and trying to show you Seth jumping that was making Gabe laugh so hard. He was really laughing hysterically before I finally got the video, so sorry if he sounds a little tired, he had been doing it awhile

Hope you enjoyed seeing the REAL Gabe! He is such a treat! I love him!

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