Thursday, October 29, 2009

True Colors!!!

Last night I was able to catch Gabe's true colors just for all of you! I know that you dear, sweet grandparents don't think that your adorable little grandson has a temper, but I caught it!!
Let me set it up for you: We have a laundry room off the kitchen and then inside there to the right is another little room where we keep Mac's cage and vacuums ect. We have to keep the door closed to both because I also keep recycling in there and that is TRIPLE stuff that Gabe LOVES to get into! Last night, I fed Mac and left the door open so he could come and go as he pleases... I notice that Mac keeps running into the living room and whining and Gabe is no where to be found... he's silent and you all know what that means - he was into something! I knew it wasn't kitchen cabinets because he loves the pans and I knew he wasn't upstairs since it was blocked off (and Mac should have been a hint! lol!) I'm calling for him and follow Mac to his cage and I find this-now usually when he goes in there he goes all the way and gets IN Mac's cage, but this time he settles for harassing Mac with playing with his food!
When I took him out of there for the 3rd time, finally closed the door so he couldn't get back in.... I get this!He hasn't really ever done this when I've gotten on to him and MADE him do what I say... all I could do was laugh! (that's horrible, right?!... I really have turned into my mother!!)

Later on, after all the screaming ended and Mac ate his food in peace, we get the other sweet side of Gabe. I love his laugh and I couldn't resist taping it... sorry if it is a little "everywhere" but I was laughing and trying to show you Seth jumping that was making Gabe laugh so hard. He was really laughing hysterically before I finally got the video, so sorry if he sounds a little tired, he had been doing it awhile

Hope you enjoyed seeing the REAL Gabe! He is such a treat! I love him!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day out

I've been doing so good with going to the gym and working out (and Gabe has gotten a lot better at staying in the kid's room and not pitching a fit, so I can have my whole work out!) Today though, I woke up not feeling like getting into my workout clothes and actually working out... just feeling bloated and fat and not a day to work out! So... I needed to by a few things so me and Gabe made a day of it at the mall and Wal-Mart. He was a trooper and at the end- we got ice cream!! (like I needed it since I didn't work out today... oh well!) The sweet picture is of us there in Cold Stone. We were the only ones there and he was just a talking about the pictures on the walls and LOVING the ice cream! He would make this funny noise when he wanted more... don't even know how to explain it, but it made me laugh everytime and he got his spoonful of ice cream!

I haven't written in a few days, but there wasn't too much to write about... We did go pumpkin hunting and found one, and got it carved, but Gabe didn't like to play in it like we thought he would... maybe next time! So we didn't get any cute photos of that. But, we did get some of the jack-o-lantern and Gabe in the background and they are on the camera and I'm not sure how to get them off and into the computer... it used to be so simple, but not so much anymore and I"m not sure why!

I do have 2 very short videos to share with the cutest man in the world though! He is loving the Chicken Dance Elmo that Gram got him for Christmas last year... he never actually lets it dance though! He has to be holding it and not letting it run across the floor (which Mac appreciates- he doesn't like it when its walking!) Enjoy! Love you all

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Day

I meant to update yesterday when we got home from our errands, but then I had chores to do at home and by the time I was finished Gabe was up from his ONE nap (yep, its official, one nap a day!)
We went to the gym as we have all week... yes, I am so sore, but today not as bad... seems like I won't be able to make it to this mornings work out because Gabe is still asleep- it's almost 9:20 and he is snoozing! I checked and he seems fine, I guess the little naps are catching up!

After the gym, we had to pick up Seth's cell phone and take it to a store that could do the tech stuff- so in a mall in the next town. (not far just a 10 min drive or so) This mall has a little play area for kids and there were kids playing and Gabe "eyed" the playground, so I said "What the heck, why not?!" He had a blast running around even though he didn't even get close to climbing up the stuff! I was actually surprised considering he climbs EVERYTHING at home! But, he just ran (well walked faster than he usually does!) and squealed with his arms up in the air... all I could do was watch and smile! He was so happy! Sorry the picture doesn't catch him with his arms up or with a close up of that adorable face, but everytime I tried he would turn around and run the other way! Anyway, we left the playground because he decided to spit up! Yeah, it smelt like throw up, but it was a small amount and I was trying to be discreet cleaning it up so the other moms didn't see, but I don't think that worked... lol! Oh well, I didn't stick around to see if they all left too or sanitized the spot!
We came home and he napped and then it was outside until time for supper. He loves the grass and the leaves are starting to fall and he likes to crunch them! He also like the dandelions... although they are getting kinda sparse. We had a great day! He is so much fun!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been gone for way too long!

Sorry guys! We have been home for almost a week now and I haven't written!

Since we were in Alabama and pretty much all the followers we were visiting, I didn't feel the need to update... but for those of you who don't know Gabe got his haircut! He looks like such a big man now too!
We had a great time visiting with family and friends. Gabe has a love for big trucks, we believe, and Pops (Tate) couldn't be happier!

When we got back to Maryland it was FREEZING compared to Bama and rainy and the weather stayed that way until yesterday! Needless to say, we have stayed in the house warm and dry! Today has been the first day that we went outside and played and we spent an hour out there before lunch. Gabe has got to be "pooped" because this morning he got to play for an hour with a bunch of kids at this new gym that I'm trying out. The gym has great classes and it seems that most are stay at home moms also, because of the child care. The kids all play in one big room with a ton of toys and Disney movies constantly playing. Today was our first day... Gabe did great when I brought him in he went straight to the toys and I walked out. The teacher said he did great, but got a little rough with the younger ones... guess this could be good practice for when we bring another one in the family (no time soon!). I was going to try and get two classes in, but when the moms came to get their kids Gabe started to "fall apart" missing me... so we came on home. I wasn't going to fight with him just to work out! (not to that point yet, I guess!) I hope that tomorrow he goes in and does just as good... the teachers said that after the first day some get a little cranky when brought back because they know that the moms leave... we shall see!

Seth has started his ITC (Instructor's Training Course) and he seems to like it. He has come home everyday and told me about the class and last night I got to help him study~ I told him in a few months he is going to be helping me with my classes!

Mac went crazy when we came home! You can tell that he really missed us both. He has gotten a little more playful with Gabe... not sure if I like it yet, because he can get rough. Gabe is walking everywhere and now is taller than Mac, so Mac tends to knock him down... playing of course, but not my favorite! Gabe seems to not mind much though.

Well, it seems that I have written a novel so I will let you get back to your lives!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Gabe and I have made it back to "God's Country" as my family likes to call it! Our flight was uneventful, always nice when flying! Gabe did wonderful the whole trip while he chose to flirt with the ladies and talk to the men... he really is a very social little guy. Everyone really enjoys him too it seems. Nana and Jack picked us up from the airport and we ate lunch at Peach Park in Clanton- I missed that ice cream! It was such a wonderful little stop and Gabe really liked the ice cream too. We made it to mom's (MeeMee's) and he loved on the dogs for a bit and then hit the bed and hasn't made a sound since! I really think he remembers this place and the dogs I know remembered him!
Tonight we are going to go out for Mexican (after we stop to see Uncle Joe at work of course! He has called us so many times and just can NOT wait to see Gabe!) We will be eating with Gram (Seth's mom) and Kelsey and the kids. I can't wait to see everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Yes, I said it... tattoo! I got one on a whim yesterday. We went out to the mall with friends and out of nowhere they decided that they were going to get a tattoo... I've been wanting the same tattoo since Seth and I got married and I have always chickened out because of the pain factor... Yesterday I couldn't use that excuse! I told myself "You have gone through labor and delivery to bring that beautiful little boy into the world... you can handle a few minutes of 'scratching' for a beautiful tattoo". But, the other factor came to mind- I'm a mom now and do I really want a tattoo for everyone to see? I put it where I can cover it up unless I wanted you to see it and I love my design. It means alot to me and will always remind me of my time with Seth in the Marine Corps, but also a reminder to remain "Always Faithful"
The Meaning- Marines say "Semper Fidelis" or "Semper Fi" which means "Always Faithful" and it is said that a Marine's wife's life is like roses and thorns- beautiful, yet at times painful. I thought that it fit perfectly for me!
The tattoo isn't as big as it looks in the picture. It is as big as my hand... but I don't think its overly big and I just love the intricate design and if I got it smaller I couldn't have that.

So, my one "rebel" act is done and I am very pleased!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Been awhile

So sorry that I haven't written in awhile! We have been busy visiting family and playing at the Bloomsburg fair! We had a wonderful time catching up with Seth's side of the family- Aunt Jill, Uncle Dean and their grandkids Mason and Madelyn. Mac even got to go with us! I have a picture of the two boys (Mac and Gabe) asleep in the truck on the way to Pennsylvania. Gabe did wonderful the ride there and back~ it was 3 hours one way so we were expecting the worst and were very surprised!
Sorry that its blurry I couldn't keep the phone still enough and this is the best picture, but I thought it was precious! Those two love eachother so much!

We've just been hanging out around the house since we got home on Tuesday. Gabe is walking so good now so we spend alot of time walking around outside because he gets into everything when he is inside!
We hope to be able to go to the aquarium this Sunday and if so of course I will share some pictures!

Great news (that I'm sure everyone that is a follower on here already knows!) We are going to Alabama next week instead of Uncle Joe coming out here (he will now be coming at the end of January) I can't wait to see everyone there and I pray that the weather for the football game next Friday night is great!

Love you all and I promise not to take this long before I update again!