Friday, April 23, 2010

Kisses- just make it all better!

This morning I woke up on "the wrong side of the bed"... I knew that I was going to have to go into work, that I had to get up and take a shower and Gabe woke up a whole 45 min. before I needed to get up and take a shower... grrr!
I tried to be pleasant... and I think I pulled it off pretty good, but Gabe must have known that what I needed was just a sweet "good morning kiss" that I didn't ask for. Those are the best right?! I mean, I love the kisses even if I ask for them,  but when he comes up and just gives me one for nothing and without me saying "Momma wants a kiss..." Man, it just brightens my day and makes my whole demeanor and mood and outlook on the day change! I have a sweet little boy who still loves me even if I did just bite his head off because he was whining wanting to watch a movie! haha! What could be better than that?! Sweet, sweet love that could only come from a sweet little boy that God has given to me! Man, I am one lucky, blessed woman!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet words

Gabe can be the sweetest little guy and him trying to talk has just melted my heart! Today I sneezed and he says "Teesh To" (bless you!)- Oh man, I just grabbed him up and gave him a faceful of kisses! I always say "Bless you" to him and Seth and sometimes when I sneeze (which has been a lot recently, think I'm getting allergies) I say "Bless Me"! haha!
Gabe has really picked up on a lot of what we say daily. When I'm getting on to him and I don't think he is listening to me (say he is walking away from me) I will say "Did you hear what Momma said?" and he'll say "No, No, NO"! I used to smile at this, but now I just say "Well then listen to me, please?!"
Today we played outside for a bit and then I thought we would take Mac for a walk to the next street and back. Both boys did really great, but I was ready to get rid of Mac and just watch Gabe play more so we take him to the house- Gabe decides that he wants to stay and watch "Buzz" (oh our fascination with Toy Story)... I tried to keep him outside and kept saying "Gabe come on, lets go play and go down the slide" he turns around and looks at me and says "NO, NO, NO"! lol! I just laughed and said, alright, alright, lets go in then- what else could I say?!

Hope you all have had a wonderful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

3 months... really?!

I can't believe that it has been 3 months since I last posted... really?! Time really is flying! I am not going to back track and update on all I've missed because most everyone who follows I either talk to on a regular basis or you are on facebook and you have seen everything!

Today I am in the mood- the "super mom" mood! I have cleaned floors, put away clothes, washing more, been to grocery store for little items, played with Gabe outside AND Gabe and I ate out at Burger King (all before 1:30!) So after putting this load of wash in, I thought "I really need to update the blog" ... so Super Mom saves the 3 month blog freeze!

The only other thing out of the ordinary today (besides me getting so much accomplished before Gabe's nap!) is Gabe's first trip to the bathroom to get a spanking in a public place! We were eating at Burger King (he loves their chicken nuggets and fries) and he was really doing good, until he wanted his milk. I brought a brand new sippy cup, that he had mastered at home before I brought it trying to avoid what happened. It is a "big boy sippy" and looks like an adult thermos- so there is no spout for him to bite on. He got so mad at the table and screamed like I just beat him then and there! I calmed him down, tried to get him to eat and forget about the drink for the time being... nope, didn't work. He continued... I warned him that I would take him to the potty room and he would get a spanking, this stopped the yelling for the moment. At this point its now lunch on base and its getting crowded and he starts it again- so I drop my food, hold his face so I know he is looking me straight in the eye and sees that I am DEAD SERIOUS that I will spank him. He screamed in my face, so I grabbed him out of the high chair and we went to the bathroom- leaving everything behind (including his diaper bag with my wallet in it I'm just remembering... can't do that again!) In the bathroom I explained why he was getting a spanking and he got two licks, the tears came and dried up. We went back out and low and behold, he drank from the cup and ate the rest of his meal like a good little boy! This was a huge relief because I was really enjoying my chicken and french fries and Coke too and really didn't want to grab it all up and leave! This also got me thinking- why is it that people are so against the spanking then? I truly believe that had I just picked everything up and just left that wouldn't have taught him a thing! I took him to the bathroom, explained that isn't going to happen, he got his consequences for his bad behavior and learned his lesson... I didn't beat him, just hurt his feelings more than anything else, so what is the problem with that? (not that I think any of you would think that what I did was bad- heck when I was little it probably would have been fine for Mom to stand me up, pop my butt, and then make me continue to eat!)

So Gabe didn't even make it to his "terrible twos" before he got the public bathroom whipping! 20 months- so close, yet so far away!

Well, since I'm up and feeling good I think I will catch my soaps this afternoon and continue with the clothes (and my Super Mom day!)
Love you all!