Friday, December 11, 2009


I haven't put up any pics of Disney because I lost our camera... yeah, wasn't too happy, but the other day a lady from Southwest called and they found it!! I was shocked that someone had turned it in and not taken it for themselves! We really do have a few more good people in the world and we were lucky enough to come across one of them! Needless to say I am waiting (impatiently) to get the camera back to see the pics that I do have... cause I can't remember what I had taken so it's going to be a nice (short) trip down memory lane!

Gabe has been so sick the last few days. His fever had peaked at 102.9 (under arm so really 103.9!) I was really scared... when I took him to the Dr. on the 8th they couldn't figure anything out... then the temp kept rising so I took him back yesterday and they finally found out what he has! Strepp! I hate strepp... I had it alot as a kid and I hate the fact that he has been hurting and me NOT knowing what is wrong... makes me sad. But now, he has had 3 doses of the antibiotic and he is just about to his old self- playing in the living room with his toys as we speak! I, on the other hand, am feeling a little yucky this morning... but determined not to get sick! I'm going to get going cleaning the house and move around and forget about my headache and pressure on the neck and ears! I think I can, I think I can!

Gabe has decided to bring me blocks and not relent on the fact that I'm going to play with him, so I better be going!

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