Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Day!

Wow! I just read my last post and that was a LOOONGG time ago, huh?! Well, I do have pictures from that trip to the aquarium and I will post those... but not tonight! We also have gone to Disney and I'll update on that ... but not tonight!

I have a headache and the house to myself tonight (Gabe is down and Seth is at work) so I want to relax and watch tv - with no house cleaning in between! So I'm going to update about today and then I PROMISE I will update and give pics of the past few weeks!

It snowed at least 3 inches today! It is so pretty and I was so against it snowing, but so glad that it did! Gabe just didn't know what to do with it all! The video shows that! When he falls he doesn't know why his hands get so cold and he seems to be unable to move! lol! Mac was running in circles until I took the phone out to record! Oh well, you can tell he is just as excited!Plus, we had an awesome game tonight! Alabama is now the SEC Champions (and if you didn't know that then you apparently weren't in the U.S. or at least the southern states today!) Gabe was saying Roll Tide with me and yelling and clapping. We had a great time watching the game together. I love that little man-he is growing up so fast! Enjoy the videos and pictures and I WILL update soon!

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