Friday, April 23, 2010

Kisses- just make it all better!

This morning I woke up on "the wrong side of the bed"... I knew that I was going to have to go into work, that I had to get up and take a shower and Gabe woke up a whole 45 min. before I needed to get up and take a shower... grrr!
I tried to be pleasant... and I think I pulled it off pretty good, but Gabe must have known that what I needed was just a sweet "good morning kiss" that I didn't ask for. Those are the best right?! I mean, I love the kisses even if I ask for them,  but when he comes up and just gives me one for nothing and without me saying "Momma wants a kiss..." Man, it just brightens my day and makes my whole demeanor and mood and outlook on the day change! I have a sweet little boy who still loves me even if I did just bite his head off because he was whining wanting to watch a movie! haha! What could be better than that?! Sweet, sweet love that could only come from a sweet little boy that God has given to me! Man, I am one lucky, blessed woman!

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