Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet words

Gabe can be the sweetest little guy and him trying to talk has just melted my heart! Today I sneezed and he says "Teesh To" (bless you!)- Oh man, I just grabbed him up and gave him a faceful of kisses! I always say "Bless you" to him and Seth and sometimes when I sneeze (which has been a lot recently, think I'm getting allergies) I say "Bless Me"! haha!
Gabe has really picked up on a lot of what we say daily. When I'm getting on to him and I don't think he is listening to me (say he is walking away from me) I will say "Did you hear what Momma said?" and he'll say "No, No, NO"! I used to smile at this, but now I just say "Well then listen to me, please?!"
Today we played outside for a bit and then I thought we would take Mac for a walk to the next street and back. Both boys did really great, but I was ready to get rid of Mac and just watch Gabe play more so we take him to the house- Gabe decides that he wants to stay and watch "Buzz" (oh our fascination with Toy Story)... I tried to keep him outside and kept saying "Gabe come on, lets go play and go down the slide" he turns around and looks at me and says "NO, NO, NO"! lol! I just laughed and said, alright, alright, lets go in then- what else could I say?!

Hope you all have had a wonderful day!

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