Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"I'mmmm BAACK!!"

I have started reading a journal I was keeping when Gabe was McKenzie Grace's age and then remembered that I even had a blog at one point! I have spent way too much time today on here reading and  loved EVERY single post... so I just have to start back! I don't know when I will have time between my new job at Gymboree, kids, bible study, tonight starting Awana, trying to get my own business with Gold Canyon off and running and trying to clean (I say trying because this is my "blah" part of everyday!) I find so much other things I could do- and most just involve sitting in front of the tv or computer... bad! Bad, Merideth! But, I really want too! I have started putting a few things in the journal at night too.
I want to make this blog pretty! I want to make it enjoyable- and with my kids that is a no brainer! They are just so much fun! (and not to mention C-U-T-E!)
So, for today (or for the time being at least) I have spent too much time at the computer and Gabe is whining to me wanting "Purple Juice" and it's lunch time... Welcome back to "Our Life"!

PS. Let's come up with a better name for this blog! I am NOT creative at all... so what do you think???

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