Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My eyes are opened!

First I will add the two videos that I uploaded last night to the computer.
Yesterday Gabe got into the pantry ... you'll see the rest!!

Gabe thinks he can't be seen if he can't see us! I love when he does this with the shower curtain or a blanket... not so much with the curtains... I think they are ruined! But, he does love it!

I love that boy! He makes life so much fun... gives meaning to it and fills my days!

Now, I would like to blog about my bible study. I LOVE going on Tuesday mornings. I wake up and I'm so excited to get going! Gabe even really likes the nursery too, so it is a plus for both of us! The ladies are great, with the exception of the older ones who stares us younger ones down because we are laughing and having a great time! LOL!
Today I was doing my "homework" for the day and came across a verse that struck me as AMAZING! "The Lord will fight for you; all you have to do is be still" Exodus 14:14. I haven't had a verse that jumped off the page at me like that and mean so much! Beth Moore (the author of the study) is amazing at going in depth on the verses so I took her "advice" and started reading the notes my bible offered on this verse and the verses that it tied to. Not only is this verse saying "Dude, shut up, be still I got this!" He is also saying to us "Watch Me, I AM God. I will not let anything EVER happen to you" He has promised us that- He will never leave us! I am not going through any "rough" time in my life that this verse brought me to tears over, but just the reminder that when I am He will be there is enough. For some reason I needed that assurance today and God knew that. I have been questioning God...not on my faith or His works, but "why do such bad things happen to good people" kinda questioning... Why do they have to suffer... The Lord is telling me to just 'shut up' and watch... listen and pray... He is working, FIGHTING for me and for those who love and need Him... I've just got to let Him do it. I am so thankful for the way He has opened my eyes today and couldn't help but share with you!
Hope you have an amazing Wednesday and a great rest of the week!

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