Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Church

I have found a new church here that I really think I'm going to enjoy (The Church of Severn Run). I went again this morning and had a great time in worship. I miss having a choir, but that's not what church is about.. they have a praise team that fills it ok. I really love the Children's center that they have. It seems very safe (they way they have an entrance and an exit to keep check on who comes in and no one can come in the exit- and so forth) Gabe must really like it too. I came back to get him and he was just a playing by himself (there was one other little girl in there- seems all the other kids are older) and the teacher said that he didn't cry not once! I was so excited!!! It makes me feel so good that I can worship and not worry about him!

Gabe has been doing so good lately. We're trying to get off the pacifier and last night he slept all night with out it again! (and he hasn't had it yet today!) He is such a little playful guy now! He still loves to read EVERY book, but he is starting to play with his trucks and little cars now too. I love to watch him play and him being so happy! We are truly blessed!

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