Thursday, September 29, 2011

...And back to square 1

Yesterday was NOT a good day for my little challenge! I tried to get on the computer so I could vent about it, but it was just that bad that I didn't get enough time to do that!!
Gabe pushed EVERY button he knew to push to get me to yell... it worked! I found that after I yelled the first time (more of a scared yell because he JUMPED on McKenzie Grace) I felt bad. I apologized to him and asked him to forgive me and of course he looked at me weird and said "Yes, Ma'am..." This melted my heart... but then the little "angel" tormented me over and over!! He kept jumping at McKenzie Grace, which of course got her worked up and believe me, she is a drama queen already and does not need his help! Neither kids would nap yesterday and I really needed those few minutes of quiet time... yeah, didn't happen. McKenzie Grace cried if I ever left her sight and Gabe would destroy any and everything.
Last night was Cubbies for Gabe (which I need to get him to say his verse on video so I can share it with you all) and Seth and I are going to take turns keeping McKenzie Grace or helping in Sparks (they don't have nursery) and I told Seth that I was not going to be keeping 23 five and six year olds... I would not survive ... or they wouldn't = P
Needless to say, yesterday was no good, but today we have started out decent. Gabe has thrown quite a fit about a color of a bowl, but I didn't raise my voice and calmly dealt with him. I showed mercy by giving no spanking (Angela Thomas would be proud!) but giving him a good talking too!
So maybe we aren't back to square one because it doesn't seem as hard to not yell and I do feel bad right after, if not when, I am doing it.

I will post Gabe's Week 2 Cubbies verse today and possibly some pics- right now Gabe is wanting a book read and McKenzie Grace is wanting to eat (as always!!)

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