Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tonight was Gabe's first Awana Cubbies meeting at church. He did AMAZING! He knew his verse (see video) and he kept saying how much fun he had at Cubbies! He told us all about playing, running around in circles and playing "Red light, Green light". They must have really worn him out because he said that he was tired before we even got home! He fell fast asleep before I even got McKenzie Grace to bed! This NEVER happens! He wants to watch a movie and most times is still up even after that, but not tonight!
Seth and I are going to help out in Sparks (which is 5 and 6 year olds). We will probably take turns each week because they don't have nursery for McKenzie Grace. She did great tonight though. She wants to play with the older kids so much! Everyone commented on how happy she was- as long as she is with Momma or Daddy that is!
Here is the video of Gabe saying his verse. We are going to record each week his new verses
It is such a blessing to see Gabe learning and LOVING to learn God's Word.

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