Monday, September 26, 2011

One week... shouldn't be THAT hard...

I was doing my quiet time over the weekend and it was on mercy. I am so very thankful for the mercy that God has shown me over and over and over again! The study was trying to get me to see all the aspects in my life that I have been shown mercy from others and how I can show mercy to others. She pointed out that most mothers show mercy to others on many issues, but to their children... well not so much. That is me!! I was talking with Seth about this last night and he pointed out the only problem that I had with it- I don't need to let them "get off" with too many issues because they are learning right from wrong and that what Momma says goes... but I thought I could change my way off dealing. I am so comfortable that I will BLOW UP without even thinking! I'm actually surprised often at how much I yell at the kids and usually just to try and get my point across, but does that really work?! Probably not. At this point (yes, already!) I'm wondering if even talking to Gabe is getting across! He is so hard-headed and will not even look at you even if you have his head in your hands!!
SO, my challenge for myself- to not yell at the children for a whole week. Shouldn't be that hard, right? Well, it is only 9:30 on Monday morning and I have had to hold back several times! I am amazed at how many times I have had to... really puts things into perspective!
Seth thinks that I'm setting too high of a goal! He believes I should strive for ONE day! Well, I'm going to prove him wrong- at least I'll make it to two!

This should be some really interesting blog posts this week!

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