Thursday, September 10, 2009


Gabe is now 13 months and we still hadn't gotten his 12 month shots and last checkup, so I called on Tuesday and the Dr. could see him that day... I wasn't ready for shots (it really does hurt me just as much!) so I asked if there was another day- there wasn't until October, so Tuesday afternoon we spent 3 hours at the hospital getting shots! He had to get 4 and he was a trooper! He was cussing that man the whole time he was giving the shots and sure enough afterwards! I couldn't believe it, but the Dr. said that Gabe was on the low side of weight... my son hasn't been that EVER! Not even the day he was born! He is just tall and slender... no doubt taking Seth's path when he was little, because anyone that knows me knows that I was a CHUNK!
So Gabe took the shots like a champ and the rest of the night was fine, yesterday was fine, but this morning has been a terror! He has done nothing but whine and want me to hold him... of course I haven't minded it much so far because I haven't gotten one of these days in a long time! All morning he just wanted me to read him books while he sat in my lap and when that wasn't good enough (books were flying!) we turned on CMT and danced to whatever song came on. He really likes this, but only if I hold him... he hasn't gotten to where I can hold his hands and we dance... at least not for long.
He has a molar coming in on the Right side and the left side just a little more to break through, so we're getting a mouth FULL of teeth! He uses all of them great too- I don't believe there is anything of ours that he doesn't eat!

Seth is liking his new job so far... he has had a few days this week where he is losing things and just getting unorganized, but he'll catch up and everything will be fine. He plays intramural football and really likes it. Gabe loves to go to the games too. He likes to just be outside and not suprisingly likes the football!

I guess that has caught us all up for now... I'm sure there will be more very soon!

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