Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We had a very nice weekend... we had friends from California visit (they moved to Virginia so they're close!) We also had more people from Seth's new job come over for the game Saturday night, and I must throw in a "Roll Tide!" here!! Speaking of that, Gabe now says his version of "Roll Tide!" We were trying to get him to say it and then all of a sudden he said "TIII" (I put it like that because he doesn't put the last "d" sound to it and he sounds so country when he does say Ti! Too cute and we love it! He won't say Roll though, we're working on it!
Yesterday we had him walking pretty good... he really can do it, he is just the most stubborn little man and would rather crawl I guess...  I've decided that today I will NOT make him walk at all and we'll do that today and tomorrow try again, and I guess off and on we'll go until he decides that he can do it.
We have to make his appt with the Dr for his one year checkup... yes, he just turned 13 months, but with the move we're just now in the system here. Not looking forward to shots... makes me cry with him!
Well, I guess that's it for now. More updates when they come!

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