Monday, September 14, 2009

We finally got Gabe's "treehouse" climber in and put together. We both couldn't wait to see how he would play with it and like it so we put it together in the living room~ where it stayed until this morning! Of course he loves the slide and loves to climb. He will climb up the step in the back and go straight to the slide, head first! Last night he got his 1st black eye by doing this! (like I"ve told Seth it isn't the last and he took it pretty well) The first video was the first night we put it up and he was a little scared of things, but now there is no stopping him! When I moved it outside he decided to just sit in the top and look around; he just loves being outside!

This weekend we drove to Quantico to visit friends from California, and to go to her baby shower. Gabe went with me to the shower while Seth went with the guys to play golf. We had a very nice visit with everyone. Gabe, no doubt, was the "life of the party"! He wanted the presents and since it was just his birthday (and he is still getting presents like the climber) he showed no hesitation when the presents were brought out! He wanted to rip into them!

Since we have spent time outside today (it has finally warmed back up too) Gabe seems to be back to his napping schedule. While he is down I'm going to try and catch up on house work... seems like that never ends and I know it won't. Thanks for catching up!

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