Thursday, September 17, 2009

Outside play

I didn't write yesterday and totally meant to, so this one will be a 2 day catch up.

On Tues. and Thurs. nights Seth plays football (flag) and it is a lot of fun. He has a good time playing and having "guy time" and I catch up with some wives and the kids play. Gabe LOVES it because he loves to be outside. There is a little girl named Abby who is really likes. She is 3 and always brings a ball or something to play with. She really wants to play with me, but she lets Gabe in on it! I got some cute pics of the 2 together that I would like to share.(ok one picture will turn counterclockwise so I don't want you turning your head sideways! I'll try and get it up later...) Gabe also got his first scrapped knee... he really took it like a champ! He didn't cry much and I was cringing ready for him to scream because I saw him fall- but he just whimpered and I picked him up and he was fine! I know there will be worse times... just don't like them!
Since we have gotten the playhouse/climber outside, I have tried to take Gabe out every day to play on it. Yesterday was such a pretty day and wasn't hot at all so we took a blanket and laid out and read books and played for awhile. Mac even enjoyed the time and did laps around the yard... Gabe laughs the whole time! He like to see Mac get excited! I've got some pics to share from our "outing". Gabe, of course did his funny face in one when I was trying to get him to smile- he is a hoot!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pix.....and the blog too! It makes my day and I feel so much closer to you all when I read it.

  2. Want to SQUEEEEEZE him!!! Love you all!!