Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been gone for way too long!

Sorry guys! We have been home for almost a week now and I haven't written!

Since we were in Alabama and pretty much all the followers we were visiting, I didn't feel the need to update... but for those of you who don't know Gabe got his haircut! He looks like such a big man now too!
We had a great time visiting with family and friends. Gabe has a love for big trucks, we believe, and Pops (Tate) couldn't be happier!

When we got back to Maryland it was FREEZING compared to Bama and rainy and the weather stayed that way until yesterday! Needless to say, we have stayed in the house warm and dry! Today has been the first day that we went outside and played and we spent an hour out there before lunch. Gabe has got to be "pooped" because this morning he got to play for an hour with a bunch of kids at this new gym that I'm trying out. The gym has great classes and it seems that most are stay at home moms also, because of the child care. The kids all play in one big room with a ton of toys and Disney movies constantly playing. Today was our first day... Gabe did great when I brought him in he went straight to the toys and I walked out. The teacher said he did great, but got a little rough with the younger ones... guess this could be good practice for when we bring another one in the family (no time soon!). I was going to try and get two classes in, but when the moms came to get their kids Gabe started to "fall apart" missing me... so we came on home. I wasn't going to fight with him just to work out! (not to that point yet, I guess!) I hope that tomorrow he goes in and does just as good... the teachers said that after the first day some get a little cranky when brought back because they know that the moms leave... we shall see!

Seth has started his ITC (Instructor's Training Course) and he seems to like it. He has come home everyday and told me about the class and last night I got to help him study~ I told him in a few months he is going to be helping me with my classes!

Mac went crazy when we came home! You can tell that he really missed us both. He has gotten a little more playful with Gabe... not sure if I like it yet, because he can get rough. Gabe is walking everywhere and now is taller than Mac, so Mac tends to knock him down... playing of course, but not my favorite! Gabe seems to not mind much though.

Well, it seems that I have written a novel so I will let you get back to your lives!

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