Monday, October 5, 2009


Yes, I said it... tattoo! I got one on a whim yesterday. We went out to the mall with friends and out of nowhere they decided that they were going to get a tattoo... I've been wanting the same tattoo since Seth and I got married and I have always chickened out because of the pain factor... Yesterday I couldn't use that excuse! I told myself "You have gone through labor and delivery to bring that beautiful little boy into the world... you can handle a few minutes of 'scratching' for a beautiful tattoo". But, the other factor came to mind- I'm a mom now and do I really want a tattoo for everyone to see? I put it where I can cover it up unless I wanted you to see it and I love my design. It means alot to me and will always remind me of my time with Seth in the Marine Corps, but also a reminder to remain "Always Faithful"
The Meaning- Marines say "Semper Fidelis" or "Semper Fi" which means "Always Faithful" and it is said that a Marine's wife's life is like roses and thorns- beautiful, yet at times painful. I thought that it fit perfectly for me!
The tattoo isn't as big as it looks in the picture. It is as big as my hand... but I don't think its overly big and I just love the intricate design and if I got it smaller I couldn't have that.

So, my one "rebel" act is done and I am very pleased!


  1. Did you get your hair cut? It looks like it. And why are there 4 pictures of you and none of my grandson on this blog.
    Just kidding! Love you!

  2. I like it, it looks good. I can't wait to see yall this week!