Friday, October 2, 2009

Been awhile

So sorry that I haven't written in awhile! We have been busy visiting family and playing at the Bloomsburg fair! We had a wonderful time catching up with Seth's side of the family- Aunt Jill, Uncle Dean and their grandkids Mason and Madelyn. Mac even got to go with us! I have a picture of the two boys (Mac and Gabe) asleep in the truck on the way to Pennsylvania. Gabe did wonderful the ride there and back~ it was 3 hours one way so we were expecting the worst and were very surprised!
Sorry that its blurry I couldn't keep the phone still enough and this is the best picture, but I thought it was precious! Those two love eachother so much!

We've just been hanging out around the house since we got home on Tuesday. Gabe is walking so good now so we spend alot of time walking around outside because he gets into everything when he is inside!
We hope to be able to go to the aquarium this Sunday and if so of course I will share some pictures!

Great news (that I'm sure everyone that is a follower on here already knows!) We are going to Alabama next week instead of Uncle Joe coming out here (he will now be coming at the end of January) I can't wait to see everyone there and I pray that the weather for the football game next Friday night is great!

Love you all and I promise not to take this long before I update again!

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