Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Day

I meant to update yesterday when we got home from our errands, but then I had chores to do at home and by the time I was finished Gabe was up from his ONE nap (yep, its official, one nap a day!)
We went to the gym as we have all week... yes, I am so sore, but today not as bad... seems like I won't be able to make it to this mornings work out because Gabe is still asleep- it's almost 9:20 and he is snoozing! I checked and he seems fine, I guess the little naps are catching up!

After the gym, we had to pick up Seth's cell phone and take it to a store that could do the tech stuff- so in a mall in the next town. (not far just a 10 min drive or so) This mall has a little play area for kids and there were kids playing and Gabe "eyed" the playground, so I said "What the heck, why not?!" He had a blast running around even though he didn't even get close to climbing up the stuff! I was actually surprised considering he climbs EVERYTHING at home! But, he just ran (well walked faster than he usually does!) and squealed with his arms up in the air... all I could do was watch and smile! He was so happy! Sorry the picture doesn't catch him with his arms up or with a close up of that adorable face, but everytime I tried he would turn around and run the other way! Anyway, we left the playground because he decided to spit up! Yeah, it smelt like throw up, but it was a small amount and I was trying to be discreet cleaning it up so the other moms didn't see, but I don't think that worked... lol! Oh well, I didn't stick around to see if they all left too or sanitized the spot!
We came home and he napped and then it was outside until time for supper. He loves the grass and the leaves are starting to fall and he likes to crunch them! He also like the dandelions... although they are getting kinda sparse. We had a great day! He is so much fun!

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